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What Makes a BEST 48V Lithium Battery Pack?

With the technological revolution on the rise, it’s no wonder battery packs are also getting advanced. Lithium batteries use lithium-ions to store energy and ultimately create a voltage that we humans leverage from. There are six main types of lithium batteries. Today, we are going to discuss the LiFePO4, short for lithium iron phosphate batteries….

What Is BMS, and How Does It Communicate with Solar Inverters?

A BMS, or a Battery Management System, is a type of technology that oversees the performance of your lithium-ion battery. The BMS helps avoid the overcharge of a battery module by discharge control; overcharging may lead to failure for the module cells. Similarly, the BMS will also protect the module cells from damage against undervoltage…

What is the Best Energy Storage System for South Africa Market?

As a safe, abundant and free-of-charge energy, solar power safely makes itself one of the best among all clean energies. Being widely available and easily accessible, solar power provides enough direct power for the houses’ usages through solar panels. Even at nights, when the sun temporarily rests, people can still access to the surplus power…

5 Factors that Determine a Good Hybrid Solar Inverter

Initially, the solar inverter was a power converter technology used to convert DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) power only. It does not produce electricity by itself but converts the existing DC power into AC power with an efficiency of over 90% [1]. Various inverter models have been invented with their development over…

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