Service FAQs

1.Who is SAKO? Is SAKO a trading company or factory?

SAKO is a old brand for power and solar products since 1993. SAKO 100% is factory, SAKO have several brother factories for different products:

Guangdong SAKO for inverter and solar products

Hangzhou SAKO for frequency inverters

Zhejiang SAKO for stabilizer

This website is for Guangdong SAKO, with main products covers: off grid/hybrid solar inverter, PV module, Lithium battery and storage system. We can offer one stop shopping for solar system and related products.

2.Why should I buy from SAKO?

Professional: Since 1993, Rich Experience

Qualification: Both company and products have obtained certificates.

Quality:Complete QC&QA System, 100% inspection before shipment

Competitive Price: Direct from factory, have advantage of cost control and quality control

Satisfied Service: One stop shopping, 7 Days*24Hours service

Strong R&D: 4+ New Products Every 3 Months

3.Questions regards SAKO agent

1). What can you get to be SAKO agent:

More technical training, support and more free spare parts

Special price support for SAKO agent

Advertising & publicity expenses share for SAKO brand

Annual bonus, 0.5%-2% based on their annual sales amount

Fast good delivery as we have regular SAKO brand products in stock

Can share SAKO brand influence

2). The condition to be SAKO agent:

Take care of SAKO brand

Have engineer team who can communicate with our engineer easily

Have their own channels to develop & win the market.

Have shops or show room to display SAKO brand and products

Reports on market conditions 

Can fulfil SAKO appointed annual targets (For exclusive agents).


You are most welcome to be SAKO agent! For more details, please feel free to contact with us right now!

4.How to get after-sales tech support?

If you meet any problems with SAKO product(s), please refer to the user manual to check and confirm first if your operation and setting according to instructions. If still can not solve your problem, please offer additional information below and send an email to SAKO Support Team . Please remember it is very important you supply as much relevant information as possible, including:

A clear photo of the S/N label (model name + serial number)

Clear description of the problem

Relevant details and frequency of the problem (if applicable)

Current condition of the product: can it DC start with battery? Any error code on screen?

Background information (Inverter): AC source (utility or generator)? battery capacity? approx load level and type? any solar input?

Background information (Solar Charger): solar panel electrical specification? PV configuration? system voltage?

Supplemental photos/screenshot or videos relevant to the issue

Where the product was purchased

Once sufficient data is gathered your case will be forwarded to our technical team for consult, and a solution will be provided to you as soon as possible. Please note our regular office hours are Mon-Fri only and general response time is within 48-72 business hours, though for more complex issues we may need more time for research and lab consult.

5.What is the warranty policy?

All SAKO original products have passed strict inspection, and are free from defects in material or workmanship for the warranty period stated in the contract. Unless otherwise specified, the standard international warranty of SAKO products are as follows:

Home Inverter & Off grid/Hybrid Solar Inverter, 1 year

Lithium Battery, 2/3/5 years as per proforma invoice or contract specified

Solar Panel, 5-25 years (under STC list) as per proforma invoice or contract specified

Normally, we will offer following easily damaged components to cover the service together with the order shipment:
For Inverter, 1% PCBA board and easily damaged components like MOSFET, fuse.

For Lithium battery, 1% BMS board/lithium battery/cell equalizer based on order qty.

Claim procedure:

Before requesting warranty service, check the operation manual to be certain that there is a problem with the product. To obtain rapid service under this warranty, please report defective devices with detail reports with information mentioned in “How to Get After-Sales Tech Support”, which is critical to a rapid disposition of your warranty claim, and we will reply within 48-72 business hours after we gathered all you information.

SAKO reserves the right to provide either free repair or replacement for products covered by warranty, depending on product type. In most cases, when customer is able to provide sufficient and clear data, upon successful review and confirmation of warranty coverage, free replacement boards or parts will be supplied to customer without requiring any return. In exchange, customer will agree to a small charge to cover postage of the replacement board or parts.

Please note damage due to following causes is excluded from warranty:

Improper transportation and delivery

Unauthorized modifications, alterations or any form of self-repair attempts

Improper installation, usage or operation (all products are indoor rating, unless otherwise stated), including damages arising from use in environment with excessive moisture corrosion or dust build-up

Non-compliance with relevant safety standards or regulations

Application beyond the scope of product design/ratings or safety standards

Acts of uncontrollable natural forces such as lighting, flood, fire, storm etc

Insufficient ventilation of the device

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