Battery Frequently Asked Questions


What is battery?

A battery is an electrochemical source for generating energy to power appliances like mobile phones, electric cars, electric toothbrushes, etc. Invented in the 1800s, batteries consist of two electrodes and an electrolyte. Learn more…

How battery works?

A battery works on a simple idea: it converts chemical energy directly to electrical energy. A battery contains two plates – a positive plate and a negative plate. Learn more…

How to make a battery?

The principle working of a battery is dependent on the flow of electrons. Therefore, for any battery to work, it needs one material that will give out excess electrons, and one that will accept excess electrons. Learn more…

Who invented battery?

The term “battery” was coined by Benjamin Franklin in 1749, who used it to describe a series of capacitors he had linked for an experiment. In the later years, the term battery was used for any electrochemical cells that were linked together with one specific purpose: to generate power.

What is lithium ion battery?

Batteries that have lithium as their anode is called lithium batteries. The charge moves from anode to cathode during discharge and cathode to anode during charging. Learn more…



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