How SAKO’s 48V Lithium Battery Pack Can Revolutionize Your Solar System

As we continue to seek more sustainable and environmentally friendly sources of energy, solar power has become increasingly popular. However, for solar panels to be truly effective, they require an efficient storage system. This is where SAKO‘s 48V lithium battery pack comes in. Our battery pack is designed with safety, efficiency, and convenience in mind. Here’s how our battery pack can revolutionize your solar system.

Safe and Efficient Design

At SAKO, we prioritize safety and efficiency when designing our 48V lithium battery pack. Our battery packs are built with high safety standards, free from toxic materials, and have no fire or explosion risk. The battery pack also has a low self-discharge rate (<3% monthly) and can operate within a wide temperature range (-20°C to 55°C), ensuring that it delivers safe and reliable performance even in extreme conditions.


Long-Lasting Performance

At SAKO, we understand that longevity is a crucial factor when it comes to battery packs for solar storage. That’s why we are proud to offer our customers a 48V lithium battery pack that boasts an exceptional long life cycle of over 6000 deep cycles. With this battery pack, you can expect to use it for years to come without worrying about replacing it anytime soon. Additionally, our lithium battery packs have no memory effect, which means they can be charged at any time without affecting their performance.


Our battery packs are designed to perform well in all conditions, even in areas with hotter climates where the temperature can affect the battery’s efficiency. We have taken this into consideration and specifically designed our lithium battery packs to perform optimally, regardless of the temperature. With our battery packs, you can rest assured that they will perform consistently and reliably, no matter what the temperature is.


We also understand the importance of ensuring your solar panels output consistent power. This is why we have designed our battery packs to maintain good consistency in their performance. You can always rely on the expected output from your solar panels, thanks to the quality of our lithium battery packs.


In summary, our 48V lithium battery pack is the perfect choice for anyone seeking durable and efficient solar storage. Its exceptional long life cycle, lack of memory effect, and capacity to perform well at high temperatures make it an ideal option for those looking for reliable and consistent performance from their solar panels. At SAKO, we are committed to delivering the best possible performance from our products, and our battery pack is no exception. Choose SAKO for your solar storage needs and trust us to provide you with the best solutions available.


User-Friendly and Compatible

SAKO’s power wall design makes installation easy and space-saving. The LCD display features communication ports such as CAN/RS485/RS232, which makes monitoring and controlling the battery pack convenient. The smart BMS technology allows seamless compatibility with different brands of hybrid solar inverters like Deve, Growat, Voltronic, Goodwe, SMA, etc., providing you with added convenience.


At SAKO, we are committed to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer support. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide helpful guidance when needed. We take great pride in our work and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.



In conclusion, SAKO’s 48V lithium battery pack is the perfect solution for your solar storage system, offering safe, efficient, and long-lasting performance. Our battery pack is designed with user convenience in mind, making installation, monitoring, and control easy and intuitive. With its compatibility with different brands of hybrid solar inverters, it ensures seamless integration with your existing solar system. Contact SAKO today to learn more about how our 48V lithium battery pack can revolutionize your solar system and help you achieve sustainable and environmentally friendly energy production.

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