SAKO Lithium Battery Products: Reasons Why They Are Remarkably Superior

SAKO has created a line of solar energy storage system batteries like lithium battery with many advantages! Let’s explore the reasons why these products are so great that can solve lithium battery problem.

Reasons for SAKO Lithium Battery’s Superiority

Sako Lithium Batteries are remarkably superior to other batteries regarding performance, safety, and price. Here are some of the reasons why they are so great:

1) They are the most reliable batteries on the market. Sako batteries have a very high discharge rate–meaning they can discharge their energy quickly and without any problems. This makes them ideal for use in devices that need lots of power, such as solar energy storage systems.

2) They are the safest batteries on the market; Sako batteries have a very low rate of thermal runaway – meaning that they will not overheat and explode.

3 Superiority Products of SAKO lithium battery

  1. 51.2V Wall Mounted LiFePO4 Battery

The chassis is wall-mounted, the battery cycle is 6000, and SAKO offers a 5-year guarantee. Its rated capacities are 51.2V/100Ah and 51.2V/200Ah.

This battery has sophisticated BMS system optimization performance and is Grade A quality, making it appropriate for solar energy systems. Different brands of solar inverters may communicate through CAN/RS485.

  1. 51.2V lithium battery

It has four rated capacities: 51.2V/100Ah, 51.2V/200Ah, 51.2V/300Ah, and 51.2V/400Ah. SAKO offers a 5-year guarantee, and the chassis has a modular stacking design.

This battery has a modular and stackable design for simple expansion and is of Grade A quality. The intelligent BMS system is appropriate for solar energy systems and enhances performance.

  1. Li-Cube Series 4U Rack Mount Lithium Battery Pack

It has rated capacities of 51.2V/100Ah and 51.2V/200Ah, and the chassis is designed to be mounted in a 4U rack.

Battery cycles 3000 times, and SAKO offers a three-year guarantee.

This battery is appropriate for solar energy systems since it has an optional cycle duration of 3000 or 5000 cycles and a high discharge current of 100 to 200 A. The intelligent BMS system optimizes high density, compact size, and lightweight performance.


SAKO has 28 years of industry experience, and the quality of lithium battery products is stable, safe, and reliable, and it has a good reputation among customers. In addition, SAKO has a professional technical team to provide technical support, keep up with market demand, and innovate every year.

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