SAKO: The Best Alternative For Small Communities

While conventional solar power systems can run out of power during the day, the best off-grid solar system like SAKO’s will never stop generating. This means that these types of systems can be effectively used where people don’t have access to electricity and cannot afford a large solar panel installation.

What is SAKO?

Since its founding in 1993, SAKO has specialized in China’s power supply manufacturing for 28 years, offering complete solutions for producing components, inverters, controllers, batteries, and other items. In addition, we have our very own manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, and other cities in China. It has been named China’s Excellent Manufacturer for 2020 and is a national high-tech firm.

How Off Grid Solar Power System Works

Solar power is a great alternative for small communities because it is environmentally friendly and helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Solar power systems use solar panels to convert sunlight into usable electricity. The electricity can power homes, businesses, and other electrical devices.

There are many different types of solar power systems. One type of solar power system is called an off-grid system. An off-grid system uses solar panels to generate electricity and then stores the energy in batteries or an electric grid. Off-grid systems are useful for small communities that do not have access to an electric grid.

Off-grid solar systems are also useful for remote locations. For example, remote locations often have limited access to electric grids and unreliable power sources such as generators. In addition, off-grid solar systems can provide residents with reliable sources of electricity even in difficult conditions.

Solar power systems are becoming more popular due to their environmental benefits and reliability in difficult conditions. However, small communities looking for an alternative to unreliable power sources should consider installing an off-grid solar system.

Why Choose SAKO?

In addition to creating solar panels for off-grid use, SAKO also works to implement the installation of its goods in outlying and underdeveloped regions. SAKO has several off-grid system solutions:

1). 10W–50W DC small system

2). 100W–1KW DC+AC household system

3). 1KW–10KW system for residential users

4). Commercial and industrial large off-grid systems, 10KW to 200KW. In 2012, SAKO provided 60KVA solar energy systems to the regional education bureau in addition to 50,000 solar inverter systems to Tibet.

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