Solar Pump: How It Works and What It Can Do

Solar pump systems are one of the most common devices as the world turns to renewable energy. This news article looks at how it works and what you can do with it!

Introduction to Solar Pumps

A solar pump is a pump that uses electrical energy generated by photovoltaic modules or heat energy generated by sunlight as an energy source and does not need to be connected to the power system or driven by an internal combustion engine. Solar pumps have fewer maintenance costs and less environmental impact than internal combustion engine pumps. Solar pumps are suitable for situations where there is no grid and other energy sources, such as wind, cannot provide enough energy.

The SAKO solar pump can be divided into three parts:

  1. Solar panel: The size of the solar panel is directly related to the size of the pump, the required liquid flow (m³/d), and the available solar radiation.
  2. Controller: The controller has two purposes. First, it can adjust the output power of the pump according to the energy obtained by the solar panel. Second, the controller generally has low or high voltage protection. If the voltage exceeds the pump’s operating range, the system will be shut down in this case. This increases the life of the pump and reduces the frequency of maintenance.
  3. Pump: The motor matched with the solar pump can be a DC motor or an AC motor. If the pump driven by an AC motor is selected, a frequency converter must be installed to convert the DC power generated by the solar panel into an AC drive motor. Its power ranges from 150 W to 55 kW and can be used in large irrigation systems.

What can solar water pumps do?

Solar pumps can move water or other fluid substances from one location to another by harnessing the sun’s energy to turn turbines that generate kinetic energy. This energy is then used to pump fluid from one place to another. Solar pumps can be used for various purposes, including water pumping, irrigation, and mining.


The solar pump is a fascinating invention that helps people harness the sun’s energy. The device can be used in energy-deficient areas, which is a huge boon for those areas.

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