The Benefits of Lithium Batteries for Solar Storage Systems

Smart lithium batteries have many advantages over traditional batteries in solar energy storage systems. Some of these include; being compatible with various solar inverters, lasting longer without draining the battery, and producing no harmful substances during use.

Advantages of SAKO Lithium Batteries

One of the main benefits of using SAKO lithium batteries in solar storage systems is their high capacity. Lithium-ion batteries can store large amounts of energy, which is important for storing solar energy. This is because solar panels only generate electricity during the day. To use solar panels to generate electricity at night, you must store the energy produced during the day. SAKO lithium batteries can do this well.

Another advantage of using lithium-ion batteries in solar storage systems is that they can be used in various devices. This means that a single battery can be used to power multiple devices.

SAKO lithium batteries are lighter and smaller than lead-acid batteries, making them more suitable for small devices such as solar panels and wind turbines. SAKO lithium batteries also last longer than lead-acid batteries and can be discharged multiple times without loss of capacity.

Another advantage of SAKO lithium batteries is that they are compatible with various solar inverters.

Finally, lithium-ion batteries are considered environmentally friendly. They don’t produce as much pollution as other types of batteries.

SAKO’s main products

  1. 51.2V Wall Mounted LiFePO4 Battery

Its rated capacity is 51.2V/100Ah, 51.2V/200Ah; the chassis is wall-mounted; the battery cycle is 6000 times, and SAKO provides a 5-year warranty.

This Grade A quality battery, with intelligent BMS system optimization performance, is suitable for solar energy systems. CAN/RS485 communication is compatible with solar inverters of different brands.

  1. 51.2V lithium battery

It has four rated capacities: 51.2V/100Ah, 51.2V/200Ah, 51.2V/300Ah, and 51.2V/400Ah; the chassis is a modular stacking design; the battery cycle time is 6000 times; SAKO provides a 5-year warranty.

This is a Grade A quality battery with a modular and stackable design for easy expansion. The intelligent BMS system optimizes performance and is suitable for solar energy systems.

  1. Li-Cube Series 4U Rack Mount Lithium Battery Pack

Its rated capacity is 51.2V/100Ah, and 51.2V/200Ah; the chassis is designed as a 4U rack mount.

Battery cycle time is 3000 times. SAKO provides 3 years warranty

This battery has an optional cycle time of 3000 cycles and 5000 cycles; with a large discharge current of 100A-200A, it is suitable for solar energy systems. An intelligent BMS system optimizes high density, small size, and lightweight performance.


Lithium batteries offer many advantages when it comes to solar energy storage. These include the ability to handle high loads and withstand extreme temperatures, making them a good option for storing solar energy for use during the day or during periods of peak demand. In addition, lithium batteries have a relatively long shelf life and are a good choice for long-term solar energy storage. In addition, SAKO has been deeply involved in providing power products suitable for solar energy storage systems for many years, with rich experience and a good reputation. It is worthy of customers’ trust.

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