The surprising reason hybrid solar systems are so effective

When we talk about renewable energy, one of the most popular energy sources is solar energy. So what is a hybrid solar system? How does this system use solar energy? What’s so surprising about how it works? Here’s what you need to know!

What is a hybrid solar system?

In addition to the solar photovoltaic module array used in this solar photovoltaic system, an oil generator is also used as a backup power source. The purpose of using a hybrid power supply system is to comprehensively utilize various power generation technologies’ advantages and avoid their shortcomings. Compared with the independent system of a single energy source, the hybrid solar energy system using diesel generators and photovoltaic arrays can provide energy that does not depend on the weather, which is more flexible and convenient.

Advantages of Hybrid Solar Systems in SAKO

Hybrid solar systems are a great way to save on energy bills while using clean and renewable energy. Here are four reasons why hybrid solar systems are so effective:

  1. Hybrid systems use both solar and conventional energy sources. Solar panels capture sunlight on sunny days, while traditional generators are used as backup energy in bad weather. This means less reliance on a single energy source, reducing the risk of not having backup power when needed.
  2. Hybrid systems are more efficient than single energy systems because they use multiple energy sources simultaneously.
  3. Hybrid systems are more reliable than conventional solar or wind energy systems. Both traditional solar and conventional energy systems have drawbacks, but a hybrid solar system can leverage strengths and avoid weaknesses.

Benefits of Hybrid Solar Systems

  1. Those who use the hybrid power supply system can also achieve better utilization of renewable energy. Standalone systems using renewable energy are usually designed for periods of least energy production, so at other times the system’s capacity is over-capacity, resulting in excess energy generated during periods of peak solar radiation that may be wasted.
  2. It has high system practicability. In an independent system, the change in renewable energy may lead to the system’s power supply not meeting the load demand. That is, there is a load power shortage situation. Using a hybrid system will greatly reduce the load power shortage rate.
  3. Better flexibility for load matching. After using the hybrid system, because the diesel generator can provide greater power immediately, the hybrid system can be applied to a wider range of load systems, such as larger AC loads, shock loads, etc. can be used. It can also better match the system’s load and power generation.
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