Top Shops for Off-Grid Solar Inverters

Recently, solar energy has become a popular energy source in the world. However, unlike other energy sources, such as hydro or wind, which can only be used when the weather is nice, solar energy can be used anytime, anywhere! This article will teach you more about off-grid solar inverters and SAKO, a top solar inverter manufacturer.

What is an off-grid solar inverter?

An off-grid solar inverter is a type of photovoltaic inverter, as the name suggests, a photovoltaic inverter that is disconnected from the public grid. The off-grid solar inverter first stores the DC power emitted by the solar panel in the battery, and then the battery is transported to the off-grid inverter for inversion. Use can also return to battery storage. In addition, off-grid solar inverters can be used in remote areas without power network coverage, such as deserts, plateaus, deep forests, etc., to meet the needs of providing electricity anytime, anywhere.

Some common features of off-grid solar inverters are:

1) They can be used in power areas where regular grid electricity is unavailable.

2) They can be used to supplement or replace existing electrical systems.

3) They can generate electricity in emergencies where a normal power supply is unavailable.

4) It Can be used in areas with poor sunlight exposure, such as near mountains or shade.

5) They have multiple functions to help customize their use, such as voltage regulation, voltage monitoring, and battery charging.

SAKO’s Off-Grid Solar Inverter

SAKO has several series of off-grid solar inverters. From the SUNON PRO series to SVP 1KW-3KW series, SAKO’s off-grid solar inverters have the advantage of supporting the battery-free operation and reducing battery consumption. It is suitable for places where electricity is used during the day, such as shops, offices, study rooms, etc.

In addition, SAKO’s SUNPOLO 6KW off-grid all-in-one machine can support up to 9 parallel machines (optional), AC dual output DC output, and SAKO lithium battery communication.

In 2022, SAKO will continue to innovate and launch SUNON-E as a new product 2022. As an economic high-voltage controller, SUNON-E components have high access power and high-cost performance.

SAKO PRO Series Features and Benefits

SUNON PRO series, built-in 100A high voltage MPPT solar charging function, can connect up to 6000W components, full power 3.5kw/5.5kw, support work without a battery, can communicate with the computer. In addition, this series of products can work with lithium batteries, support automatic charging, and provide all-around protection functions: preventing overload, overvoltage, overtemperature, etc. You can also select remote WIFI modules.

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