Unleashing the Potential of SAKO’s 12V 100AH Lithium Battery

SAKO takes pride in presenting its groundbreaking 12V 100AH lifepo4 lithium battery, designed to unlock a new realm of possibilities for businesses. This high-performance battery offers an array of features that ensure reliability, efficiency, and convenience. From its reliable and high-quality design to its long-lasting power storage capabilities, SAKO’s 12V 100AH lifepo4 lithium battery is a game-changer for businesses seeking advanced energy solutions.

Reliable and High-Quality Design

SAKO’s 12V 100AH lifepo4 lithium battery boasts a design that prioritizes reliability and quality. By utilizing reputable brand cells such as GUOXUAN & CATL, this battery guarantees exceptional performance and unparalleled durability. With a maximum discharge current of up to 200A, it caters to a wide range of applications, from inverters to UPS systems. Additionally, the battery incorporates a smart Battery Management System (BMS) that ensures comprehensive protection, keeping your equipment and investment safe.


Long Life Design and Efficient Power Storage

Businesses need a power solution that can withstand the test of time, and SAKO’s 12V 100AH lifepo4 lithium battery delivers exactly that. Engineered for up to 3000 cycles, this battery epitomizes longevity and durability. Its 5+ life design enables extended usability, providing consistent and reliable power over an extended period. Despite its compact size and lightweight construction, this battery offers high power density, efficiently storing energy without compromising performance.


Versatile and Convenient Features

SAKO’s 12V 100AH lifepo4 lithium battery is designed with versatility and convenience in mind, offering a range of features to meet diverse business needs. Its plastic case design makes it an ideal replacement for lead acid batteries, ensuring a seamless transition to a more efficient and eco-friendly power solution. The battery also enables series or parallel connections, enhancing flexibility and scalability for various applications. For added convenience, SAKO offers an optional Bluetooth monitor, allowing users to conveniently monitor the battery’s performance and status.



SAKO’s 12V 100AH lifepo4 lithium battery is a true game-changer in the realm of energy storage solutions. With its reliable and high-quality design, long-lasting power storage capabilities, and versatile features, this battery is revolutionizing the way businesses harness and utilize power. Experience uninterrupted power supply, enhanced efficiency, and peace of mind with SAKO’s 12V 100AH lifepo4 lithium battery. Make the switch today and embrace a more sustainable and future-proof power solution for your business. Contact SAKO to explore the untapped potential of advanced energy storage technology.


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