What is the Lithium Battery in the Solar Inverters?



You might have known or heard the solar inverters and how it works, that it turns solar energy into the electricity that is able to be utilized by our electric devices as the name implies, but do you know that there is a Lithium battery in the solar panel? Weird but true, and it doesn’t mean solar energy is a fraud. It’s true and the battery is a very crucial part of the panel. So, is it as small as the tiny battery you use to activate your remote control? How does it work? Well, this blog will explore and present a new world for you.


What Is a Lithium Solar Battery?


Simply put, lithium solar batteries are lithium batteries that are utilized in a solar power system. Most lithium solar batteries are deep-cycle lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, which are comparable to the old lead-acid deep-cycle starter batteries seen in automobiles.


The Common Types of Lithium Solar Batteries


There are a variety of types of Lithium solar batteries available on the market. For example, SAKO offers a variety of lithium-ion battery types, including 48 volt lithium-ion battery, 24V lithium battery, and 12-volt lithium battery. SAKO lithium battery is compact, lightweight, and has a long service life. The built-in smart BMS can provide comprehensive protection to guarantee that the battery is always in top functioning order.


Is it true that lithium solar batteries are the best for solar panels?


Certainly, when it comes to storing energy for a solar system, lithium solar batteries surpass the competitors. They are more efficient, charge faster, do not require maintenance, and last far longer. The efficiency stems from the batteries’ extremely low internal resistance, which allows them to charge with minimum loss. This also implies that they can discharge with little loss, ensuring that the energy in matches the energy out. Any loss when charging inefficient batteries is wasted solar energy that cannot be recovered. When these advantages are considered, lithium solar batteries, despite their higher initial cost, are a more cost-effective solution than other battery types in the long term.




In a word, Lithium Solar battery is an important part of the solar panel. It’s not tiny and kind of big instead. There are many types of Lithium Solar batteries available on the market. You can compare the products before choosing them.

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