SAKO Company – Revolutionizing Photovoltaic Energy Storage Solutions


With an unwavering commitment to sustainable energy solutions, SAKO Company is ready to make its mark in the 2023 Photovoltaic Energy Storage Exhibition. Renowned for its wide range of innovative products including solar inverters, micro inverters, lithium batteries, and energy storage systems, SAKO Company is set to showcase its expertise and cutting-edge solutions in booth number C550. Through its high-quality products and dedication to environmental protection, SAKO Company is poised to play a significant role in the global transition towards clean energy.

Solar Inverters: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

At the forefront of SAKO Company’s product range are its solar inverters. Designed to convert direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) for use in homes and businesses, SAKO’s solar inverters are highly efficient, ensuring maximum energy utilization. Furthermore, these inverters utilize advanced technology to prioritize grid consumption, enabling users to make significant savings on electricity bills.

Micro Inverters: Optimizing Solar Power Generation

SAKO Company recognizes that not all photovoltaic systems are created equal. That’s why it offers advanced micro inverters, which provide greater flexibility and optimization for solar power generation. Acting as individual power conversion units for each solar panel, micro inverters maximize energy production by minimizing the effects of shading, dust, and panel mismatch. SAKO’s micro inverters also offer enhanced monitoring capabilities, enabling users to track each panel’s performance in real-time and identify potential issues.

Lithium Batteries: Uninterrupted Power Supply

To ensure a continuous, reliable power supply, SAKO’s lithium batteries are designed to store excess solar energy generated during the day and provide it during times of low sunlight or power outages. These high-quality lithium batteries offer long cycle life, high energy density, and exceptional performance, providing users with peace of mind and upholding SAKO Company’s commitment to sustainability.

Energy Storage Systems: Enabling Grid Independence

Recognizing the transformative potential of energy storage systems, SAKO offers integrated solutions that optimize power generation, storage, and distribution. SAKO’s energy storage systems allow users to manage their energy consumption efficiently, reducing dependence on the grid and enabling greater energy independence. These comprehensive systems offer sophisticated control algorithms and intelligent energy management features to maximize photovoltaic power utilization.

Exhibition Number C550: Unveiling the Future of Photovoltaic Energy Storage

As SAKO Company prepares to participate in the 2023 Photovoltaic Energy Storage Exhibition, attendees can anticipate an impressive display of innovative and sustainable energy solutions at booth C550. SAKO’s product experts and technical teams will be present to provide detailed information, showcase product demonstrations, and assist visitors in exploring the full potential of their cutting-edge solutions.


SAKO Company’s participation in the 2023 Photovoltaic Energy Storage Exhibition promises to be an exciting event for those seeking sustainable energy solutions. Through its wide array of products including solar inverters, micro inverters, lithium batteries, and energy storage systems, SAKO Company is setting the stage for a cleaner, greener future. By enabling efficient energy consumption and reducing reliance on traditional power sources, SAKO Company is demonstrating its commitment to driving the global adoption of renewable energy. Attendees at booth C550 can expect to witness the transformative potential of SAKO’s solutions, showcasing the pivotal role the company plays in the transition towards a more sustainable world.


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