SAKO: A Pioneer in Driving the Clean Energy Transition

On the afternoon of December 4, 2023, Wang Manping, secretary-general of the Organizing Committee of the Brand Strong Country First Project, executive president of the Guangdong Enterprise Brand Building Promotion Association, and director of the Guangdong Research Center of the Brand China Strategic Planning Institute, and his team of four, went to Shenzhen SAKO Solar Co., Ltd. to do a research on the Guangdong brand of the new national brand, which was attended by the chairman of Tiandeep, Chou Yang, together with his team of senior executives of the company.



Chairman Chou Yang emphasized that TD Tech adheres to the concept of “respecting the sky and loving people, being virtuous, doing things in a practical way, and growing together”, and the company has successfully obtained more than 100 national patents and possesses international advanced power supply technology. The company has established a relatively perfect core technology system, focusing on providing high-efficiency, high-power density and simplified power supply architecture and power solutions to meet the changing needs of the market. Tandem has been actively participating in industry exhibitions to enhance its brand influence. 2023 During the period, Tandem was invited as a special exhibitor in some solar photovoltaic industry expositions around the world to showcase full-scenario solar energy solutions, and gained the attention and support of many customers on the spot. At the exhibition, SAKO brand micro inverters, off-grid solar inverters,lithium ion battery and integrated energy storage products became the focus of attention and attracted many exhibitors to stop by to learn more about them and discuss cooperation.


In recent years, SAKO brand Solar products have been increasing their share in the international market, providing a continuous supply of green power to customers around the world. Finally, Chairman Chou Yang emphasized that in the future, SAKO will continue to focus on the research and development of high-efficiency and safe power electronics technology, continue to innovate, strengthen the brand image and visibility, and commit to become the leading solar power system manufacturer in China.


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