SAKO attends the 134rd Canton Fair

SAKO Exhibition 2023
SAKO joined hands to participate in the 134th Canton Fair, booth No. I34-37, J08-11, the exhibition site exploded in popularity. SAKO presented a series of eye-catching products to a wide audience, including solar inverters, lithium batteries, flexible solar panels, and more. To meet the needs of different customers.



SAKO showcases its high quality solar inverter products. These inverters are characterized by high efficiency, high stability and reliability. SAKO’s inverters use advanced technology to convert direct current generated by solar panels into alternating current to meet people’s demand for electricity. In addition, SAKO’s inverters have intelligent control systems that enable remote monitoring and management, improving user convenience. SAKO inverters are sold to more than 100 countries around the world and are looking for partners around the world.

At this exhibition, SAKO will also showcase its lithium battery products. These lithium batteries feature high energy density, long life and fast charging. SAKO’s lithium batteries use advanced technology and materials with good safety performance to meet the needs of various applications. SAKO’s lithium batteries are widely used for energy storage. Because the energy storage lithium battery will match the inverter, the perfect match of lithium battery and inverter is SAKO’s professional and specialty, SAKO has accumulated many years of experience in the inverter industry.


SAKO will also focus on the balcony energy storage system Balcony energy storage system.

Balcony energy storage system is an innovative solar energy storage solution that efficiently uses balcony space and stores solar energy for daily use. The system uses highly efficient micro-inverters that convert solar energy into electricity and store it in advanced lithium batteries. At the same time, the design of the flexible solar panels makes them adaptable to various deformation, so that they can be easily covered on the walls and floors of the balcony, maximizing the use of solar energy resources.

The balcony energy storage system can not only provide efficient and stable power supply, but also has a number of intelligent functions. Through intelligent monitoring and control systems, users can monitor and manage electricity usage in real time, helping to reduce electricity costs and reduce dependence on traditional power networks. In addition, the system also has the characteristics of flexible installation and environmental protection and energy saving, which greatly improves the user experience.

At the exhibition site, the balcony energy storage system has received high attention and praise from the vast audience. Many professionals and industry insiders stopped in front of the booth and expressed a strong interest in our products. Our staff patiently answered the questions of the audience and detailed the unique advantages and various application scenarios of the balcony energy storage system. During the exhibition, we also conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation negotiations with many potential partners, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

By participating in the 134th Canton Fair, SAKO successfully demonstrated our scientific and technological strength and innovation capability in the field of solar energy. We will continue to research, develop and promote energy-saving and environmentally friendly new energy products to help the world achieve sustainable development goals.

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