SAKO attends the 133rd Canton Fair

SAKO Solar Products Debut at the Canton Fair 2023
SAKO Solar has brought its high-quality solar products to the 133th Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China from April 15th to 19th, marking a milestone in the renewable energy industry.



During the event, SAKO Solar is showcasing its latest micro inverter, solar inverters, and lithium ion battery,solar panels. These products have been specially designed to ensure sustainable energy solutions that are efficient, reliable, and easy to install.

According to SAKO Solar executives, the solar inverters and lithium ion battery adopt the latest intelligent technologies, incorporating intelligent chipsets for precise management of solar systems. This enables users to have more accurate and stable solar energy generation that is not only cost-effective but also environmentally-friendly. The company’s solar panels are equipped with high-efficiency solar cells, which result in more solar energy conversion into electrical energy.

SAKO Solar’s participation at the Canton Fair is seen as a significant opportunity for the company to not only showcase its industry-leading solar products but also to tap into the huge international market and explore collaborations with local businesses.


In recent years, SAKO Solar has become a leading provider of solar solutions, with an extensive array of products that cater to the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial consumers. The company’s focus on providing smart, reliable, and energy-saving solutions has proven to be a competitive advantage, as customers seek environmentally-friendly energy solutions that consistently deliver reliable power.

As SAKO Solar continues to expand its presence in the renewable energy industry, the company remains committed to providing customers with innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solar solutions for a better future. And as the Canton Fair continues, SAKO Solar is expected to receive more attention, as it seeks out greater exposure and collaborations with likeminded businesses to deliver its vision of sustainable energy to the world.

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