The Best Off-Grid Solar Inverters from SAKO

Here is a list of the best off-grid solar inverters from SAKO. From the SUNON PRO series to the SVP 1KW-3KW series, these inverters are made with high quality and are perfect for the off-grid solar power system.

What is an Off-Grid Solar Inverter?

The off-grid solar inverter, as its name implies, is a system that is disconnected from the public power grid. The direct current generated by the solar panel is first stored in the battery, and then the battery is transported to the off-grid inverter for inversion. The alternating current can be direct. It can be used for the load or returned to the storage battery. It is more suitable for remote areas without power network coverage, such as deserts, plateaus, and deep forests, and can provide power demand anytime, anywhere.

Why do People need an Off-Grid Solar Inverter?

  1. Reduce dependence on traditional energy

Using off-grid solar inverters is conducive to using solar energy, reducing non-renewable energy sources such as fuel, and is more conducive to environmental protection. In addition, off-grid solar inverters also increase electricity efficiency and reduce energy waste.

  1. Increased independence from the grid

An off-grid solar inverter can give people increased independence from the grid. If there is ever an emergency or outage with the electric grid, an off-grid solar inverter will help people stay connected and powered up. This is especially important for people who live in an area prone to outages or lack reliable service due to weather conditions.

  1. Increased safety and security

An off-grid solar inverter can give people security and safety by powering solar systems.

SAKO’s Off-Grid Solar Inverters

SAKO offer a wide range of inverters designed specifically for off-grid use, and they’re known for their quality and reliability.

One of the most popular inverters from SAKO is the SUNON PRO 3.5KW/5.5KW off-grid solar inverter with 100A high voltage(max 500vdc) MPPT inside, max support 6000W solar panel input can work without a battery.

Another great option from SAKO is the SVP 1KW-3KW series. This series of products have a built-in 50A PWM solar charging function, can communicate with the computer, automatically charge, support unattended, and have all-around protection functions: prevent overload, overvoltage, overtemperature, etc.


SAKO’s off-grid solar inverters, which range in quality from the SUNON PRO series to the SVP 1KW-3KW series, are excellent for off-grid solar power systems.

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