What a PV Inverter Does and Why You Need It

Technology has brought many benefits to our lives – especially in the energy sector. Making good use of solar energy, a clean and renewable energy source, is crucial. And how to make good use of it? It is necessary to use an important power product: a PV inverter. The following article explains what it does and why it is necessary.


The main function of the PV inverter is to convert the direct current generated by the solar panel into the alternating current used by the home appliances. The application can be divided into a grid-connected inverter and an off-grid inverter.

Why is it necessary?

PV inverters use Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to draw the maximum possible power from the solar panels. There is a complex relationship between solar irradiance, temperature, and the total resistance of solar cells, so the output efficiency will change non-linearly, called the current-voltage curve (I-V curve). The purpose of maximum power point tracking is to generate a load resistance (of the solar module) to obtain the maximum power according to the solar module’s output in each environment.

SAKO‘s PV Inverters

As mentioned above, PV inverters are divided into grid-connected and off-grid inverters. SAKO mainly produces off-grid inverters.

SAKO off-grid inverters typically employ complete system solutions of modular components, consisting of several manageable building blocks: inverter, solar charge controller, automatic generator starter module, and system control board.

The SAKO off-grid inverter is disconnected from the public grid system. First, the direct current generated by the solar panel is stored in the battery, and then the battery is transported to the inverter for inversion. The alternating current can be used directly or returned to battery storage. This technology is useful for remote areas without power network coverage, such as deserts, plateaus, deep forests, etc.


PV inverters are very important for converting and using solar energy, and understanding its working principle and importance will help people use its functions rationally.

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