Off-Grid Solar Inverter: A Useful Device for Remote Areas

Many people turn to off-grid solar inverter to power their homes. With the increase in popularity, these devices have become more affordable, making them accessible to many people.

What is an Off-Grid Solar Inverter?

An inverter, a solar charge controller, an automated generator starting module, and a system control board are some basic building blocks that off-grid inverters commonly use as complete system solutions of modular components.

The off-grid inverter is a system that is not linked to the public power grid, as suggested by its name. The battery stores the direct current produced by the solar panel before being delivered to the off-grid inverter for inversion. The finished output of the inverter is an Alternating current that may be utilized to power a load directly or be sent back to a storage battery.

Types of Off-Grid Solar Inverters in SAKO


The rated power of this product is 6KW; the inverter type is an on/off solar inverter plus RGB light mixed smart BMS for Lifepo4 communication. The degree of protection is IP20; the standard warranty provided by SAKO is 1 year.

  1. SUNPOLO 5KW Hybrid

The rated power of this product is 5KW; the inverter type is On/off Grid solar inverter (i.e. optional parallel connection); the protection level is IP20; the standard warranty provided by SAKO is 1 year.

The main features of this product are many:

1) The maximum photovoltaic input voltage is 450Vdc; the maximum photovoltaic input power is 5000W

2) Support battery-free work. Solar energy directly powers the load

3) Grid-connected + off-grid inverter

4) Lithium battery can be used by manual setting (no communication with lifepo4)

5) Optional parallel up to 9

6) Possess certificates: CE, CB, IECEE test report

Benefits of using an Off-Grid Solar Inverter

The inverter can store electricity from solar energy, which can then be used to power devices in the area.

The main pro of using an off-grid solar inverter is that it can provide a reliable source of electricity in remote areas. However, if the grid goes down, an off-grid solar inverter can still provide power to devices in the area.


In impoverished or rural places, far from power plants and public systems, more than 2 billion people still live in a world without electricity. Off-grid solar inverters and the advancement of solar photovoltaic power-generating technologies provide a suitable answer. SAKO has dedicated many years to studying and creating solar off-grid photovoltaic machinery.

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